Gone Spraying and Gone Ferting primary purpose is to provide a simple way to log loads and time whilst performing aerial agricultural operations. 

What is Gone Spraying and Gone Ferting?

Developed by a New Zealand Agricultural Pilot the 'Gone' apps are an easy way to record time and loads whilst working. In the past I used a stop watch and a paper diary. I thought that there must be a better way and that's where the idea for these apps came along.

I want to keep it simple, I am a helicopter pilot after all :-) so they don't do everything. If you want that there are other applications out there that offer a-lot more but the 'Gone' apps won't break the bank!

I see you can Save and Email, What's that about?

As it says, each completed job can be emailed or saved to your phone to look at a later date. Emailing is a simple way to get the info from your phone to your computer for use, ie completing a Daily Flight Record, invoicing etc.

Where is my Data Saved?

On your phone and in YOUR iCloud. The 'Gone' apps run a local database in the background that holds all of the data (until you delete it). It is synced to your iCloud which means if you drop/break or upgrade your phone all of your 'Gone' data will turn up on your new device. If you run more than one device they will sync data between all of your devices.

Is there a Manual to show how to use this?

Sure is, check out the Support Page

A Quick Walkthrough

If you can get past my kiwi accent here is a quick walkthrough showing how to use the app.

View the Quick Walkthrough on YouTube

What about Support?

If you have a question, feedback or an idea to improve our app or simply want to get in touch use our contact form on the Support page.